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Servicing Warrnambool for 32 years, Stuart Bishop at TYREPLUS Warrnambool has seen the town grow from a small country town to the tourist destination of Victoria’s South West. With wife Janine and son Dylan working with him, Stuart ensures his business constantly evolves with the town as he explains ‘Warrnambool is a great place, it’s constantly growing and changed a lot over the years- but you got to change with it and be prepared to see change and go quicker.’

Involved with TYREPLUS for 14 years, Stuart sponsors and supports a lot of community-based events, such as the local livestock sale yards, fishing competitions, football / cricket clubs, Leila Rose Foundation, Rotary Warrnambool.

According to Stuart, the most important thing to him is customer service, the relationships he builds with his customers are lifelong – I’ve got a customer who’s in his 90’s that still drives to here to get tyres from me, his family buy tyres off me, and now his grandkids come to get tyres.

Call Stuart for the best local advice for your tyre and vehicle needs.

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